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Challenges by the "workmanship force" for creation of knowledge continue...

Although engineers with high creativity are appreciated and pursued recently,Surpass Industry has striven since it was founded based on the belief that creativity (i.e. creation of knowledge) is the real "workmanship". Presently,our great properties are that the original engineering system that is indispensable to IT related equipment manufacturing processes is successfully created and we have acquired trust from many customers. As a venture corporation that challenges new fields,Surpass Industry is a professional force of "workmanship" with a challenging spirit that never says NO to any needs. We believe that the engineer group requested in the world is Surpass Industry. SURPASS in the company name represents our decision of always advancing ,positioning on the cutting edge of the industry, and making surpass and innovative proposals. I would like to send a shout out to the employees who always understand my imagination contained in SURPASS and are working hard.

The chairman of board of directors
Hiroshi Imai